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What to Expect From ‘House of the Dragon’ and Netflix’s Future

22 juli 2022 — This week, we’re joined by THR’s Alex Weprin and James Hibberd to break down Netflix earnings and what to expect from House of the Dragon, …

Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’ Casts Another ‘Game of Thrones’ Alum

Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’ Casts Another ‘Game of Thrones’ Alum – The Hollywood Reporter

23 juni 2022 — Netflix’s ‘3 Body Problem’ Casts Four More Actors, Including ‘Game of Thrones’ Alum (Exclusive) · James Hibberd · More Stories by James · Related …

The sci-fi epic from the showrunners of Game of Thrones has added actors to its sprawling cast, including Jonathan Pryce and Rosalind Chao.

James Hibberd (@JamesHibberd) / Twitter

The Hollywood Reporter’s Writer at Large, breaking entertainment news and analysis. … is renewed for season 2 — and, yes, of course, on #Netflix.

Nekesa Mumbi Moody’s Post – LinkedIn

Nekesa Mumbi Moody on LinkedIn: Bela Bajaria on How Much Netflix Is Rethinking Its Business Model: “We’re…

Editorial Director at The Hollywood Reporter … Bela Bajaria on How Much Netflix Is Rethinking Its Business Model: “We’re Not Doing Some Radical Shift”.

I had a wonderful time at #BANFF and chatting with Bela Bajaria, global head of TV at Netflix.

Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe Movie Gets Rare NC-17 Rating for …

24 mars 2022 — Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe Movie Gets Rare NC-17 Rating for Sexual Content. James Hibberd. March 24, 2022 ·2 min read.

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When Hibberd suggested that would be “a particularly. 75 million globally, it. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he’s going to play General Ross — a.

The Business of Media Distribution: Monetizing Film, TV, and …

The Business of Media Distribution: Monetizing Film, TV, and Video Content … – Jeffrey C. Ulin – Google Böcker

In this updated edition of the industry staple, veteran media executive Jeff Ulin relates business theory and practice across key global market segments—film, television, and online/digital—providing you with an insider’s perspective that can’t be found anywhere else. Learn how an idea moves from concept to profit and how distribution dominates the bottom line: Hollywood stars may make the headlines, but marketing and distribution are the behind-the-scenes drivers converting content into cash. The third edition: Includes perspectives from key industry executives at studios, networks, agencies and online leaders, including Fox, Paramount, Lucasfilm, Endeavor, Tencent, MPAA, YouTube, Amazon, and many more; Explores the explosive growth of the Chinese market, including box office trends, participation in financing Hollywood feature films, and the surge in online usage; Illustrates how online streaming leaders like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, YouTube, Hulu and Facebook are changing the way TV content is distributed and consumed, and in cases how these services are moving into theatrical markets; Analyzes online influences and disruption throughout the distribution chain, and explains the risks and impact stemming from changing access points (e.g., stand-alone apps), delivery methods (over-the-top) and consumption patterns (e.g., binge watching); Breaks down historical film windows, the economic drivers behind them, and how online and digital delivery applications are changing the landscape. Ulin provides the virtual apprenticeship you need to demystify and manage the complicated media markets, understand how digital distribution has impacted the ecosystem, and glimpse into the future of how film and television content will be financed, distributed and watched. An online eResource contains further discussion on topics presented in the book.

It’s Not TV: The Spectacular Rise, Revolution, and Future of HBO

It’s Not TV: The Spectacular Rise, Revolution, and Future of HBO – Felix Gillette, John Koblin – Google Böcker

“A read so riveting, it’s not hard to imagine watching it unfold on Sunday nights.” —The Associated Press“An incisive account that is more than a rosy victory lap for one of TV’s most influential channels.” —Eric Deggans, NPR’s “Books We Love”The inside story of HBO, the start-up company that reinvented television—by two veteran media reportersHBO changed how stories could be told on TV. The Sopranos, Sex and the City, The Wire, Game of Thrones. The network’s meteoric rise heralded the second golden age of television with serialized shows that examined and reflected American anxieties, fears, and secret passions through complicated characters who were flawed and often unlikable. HBO’s own behind-the-scenes story is as complex, compelling, and innovative as the dramas the network created, driven by unorthodox executives who pushed the boundaries of what viewers understood as television at the turn of the century. Originally conceived by a small upstart group of entrepreneurs to bring Hollywood movies into living rooms across America, the scrappy network grew into one of the most influential and respected players in Hollywood. It’s Not TV is the deeply reported, definitive story of one of America’s most daring and popular cultural institutions, laying bare HBO’s growth, dominance, and vulnerability within the capricious media landscape over the past fifty years. Through the visionary executives, showrunners, and producers who shaped HBO, seasoned journalists Gillette and Koblin bring to life a dynamic cast of characters who drove the company’s creative innovation in astonishing ways—outmaneuvering copycat competitors, taming Hollywood studios, transforming 1980s comedians and athletes like Chris Rock and Mike Tyson into superstars, and in the late 1990s and 2000s elevating the commercial-free, serialized drama to a revered art form. But in the midst of all its success, HBO was also defined by misbehaving executives, internal power struggles, and a few crucial miscalculations. As data-driven models like Netflix have taken over streaming, HBO’s artful, instinctual, and humanistic approach to storytelling is in jeopardy. Taking readers into the boardrooms and behind the camera, It’s Not TV tells the surprising, fascinating story of HBO’s ascent, its groundbreaking influence on American business, technology, and popular culture, and its increasingly precarious position in the very market it created.

Focus On: 100 Most Popular Television Shows Set in New York City

Focus On: 100 Most Popular Television Shows Set in New York City – Wikipedia contributors – Google Böcker

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